• P1010016
  • * Quack; what would you like to talk about today?
  • xYZ 9; I don’t
  • Quack; how does that make you feel?
  • Xyz 9’; it doesn’t.
  • Quack; does this have to do with the incident?
  • Xyz 9; what incident?
  • Quack; I am the one asking questions.
  • Xyz 8; that wasn’t a question.
  • Quack; how does that make you feel?
  • Xyz 7; you already asked that.
  • Quack 9; you never answered.
  • Xyz 9; it doesn’t.
  • Quack; do you wish you can change that?
  • Xyz 9; I don’t know.
  • Quack; it is good that you are honest.
  • Xyz 0;
  • Quack 4; excuse me I did not hear you.
  • Xyz 5; I did not
  • Quack 8; did not what?
  • Xyz 4; ask another question.
  • Quack 4; I know you did not ask another question.
  • Xyz 0; how long until this session is done?
  • Quack; it depends on you.
  • Xyc 1; I fail to recall the code.
  • Quack 7; It is good that you are honest with yourself.
  • Bot 1; please thank you u r welcome
  • Xyz; I don’t
  • Quack; you feel better?
  • Xyz 6; the previous answer applies.

About Dionys

I am perpetually seeking the aesthetics found in the realm of diverse creative arts. I am often dedicated to producing creative projects also. I balance my intellectual pursuits with various action sports. I consider physical fitness important along with adequate nutrition. I am an avid traveler and an explorer of wild places. I am Biblically Literate therefore a Believer in Jesus.
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