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Emotion Addiction

I am addicted to emotions. The ones on the pleasurable side I vigorously charge, and the painful ones I venture deep into. I don’t fight many feelings; I rather let them run their course. This may cause me harm on … Continue reading

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Tropical Storm Ernesto

As I write this, Tropical Storm Ernesto is a few hours from making land fall south of here. The rain and wind effects have been here since early afternoon. We were dismissed from work at noon, so I made a … Continue reading

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Perpetual Pain

A lifelong emptiness has remained. A myriad victories it has claimed. Never has there been a true contender, just a long list of pretenders. Now I am faced with a unique blend of pain, from which my heart refuses to … Continue reading

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A Note On My Notes

The blinking cursor stares at me as it dares me to make a move. What motivation is there? What support do I have? Many questions are plaguing my mind: what where, why, how etc. I wish I had less time … Continue reading

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Negative Forces

Here I stand surrounded by negative forces. I quickly breathe a silent prayer for wisdom. If I were to yield to their appeal it would be justifiable. My experience lines up with their arguments. As I assess the damage I … Continue reading

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Final Chapter

The final chapter of my life has not yet been written. I felt it was a mistake. Surely the story should have come to a finish by now. Everything seemed in place for a big tragic ending. Chapter one is … Continue reading

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You look at me, but there is contempt in your eyes. You speak to me, but your tone of voice is condescending. Your anecdotes aim to minimize and trivialize my experience. You try to fit the world in your little … Continue reading

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