I hear your plea oh so clear. Your cry resonated in my hearing. I am fully cognizant of your desperate disposition. However, I am incapable of providing any relief for you. I have diligently searched all over for something to feed you, but I have been unsuccessful. I have inquired of others who might guide me to some sustenance for you, but no one could help. I know your demands are not extraordinary, but it seems there is nothing available for you. I lament your very existence for it has been a long fruitless journey. O Emptiness so vast and complex how I wish I had food for you. If only I had answers to your many questions. I haven’t the power to even console you in the midst of your pain. I know your deepest wish is to be called Emptiness no more. Your potential to flourish radiantly is a reminder to continue to survive.


About Dionys

I am perpetually seeking the aesthetics found in the realm of diverse creative arts. I am often dedicated to producing creative projects also. I balance my intellectual pursuits with various action sports. I consider physical fitness important along with adequate nutrition. I am an avid traveler and an explorer of wild places. I am Biblically Literate therefore a Believer in Jesus.
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