I woke up this morning with a lot on my mind. Recent events and sub sequential revelations have provoked some deep thoughts in me. There are many vital questions concerning my existence that are haunting me. I am sure though that there is something very wrong with my life. I have had a feeling most of my life that something was seriously out of place. However, in the last few weeks the feelings have greatly augmented. There have been undeniable signs that validate my suspicion.

I have lived a normal life by all standards. I was born and raised in the town of Raleigh, NC. My family life has been stable and school was no different. After finishing High School, I went to work for my uncle in a toy factory. I was promoted as a sales manager as expected. This pattern was all too familiar. Everything was so predictable. The parameters of my daily routine seemed immovable. I could never forget that little girl I encountered at the fair when I was nine years old. She looked normal, but what she was telling me was certainly unusual. In a delicate fashion she was attempting to tell me that I did not belong here. I had no notion as to what she meant, but even then it somehow rung true to me. I never did see that girl again.

The more recent events have reinforced this sense of being misplaced. I would speak to various people about seeking significance beyond our predictable routine, but no one seemed to have a problem with the way life went. Even my so-called friends responded this way. This served to isolate me even more. I felt like I was the only one who was discontent with the limitations set before us. All the rules blocked us from discovery past our own town. I planed to travel to places like the Bahamas, but something or someone would always block me.

I woke up at around 3 a.m. the other night. I decided to go walking around the neighborhood. While walking I saw a colorful fluctuation of light coming from a tall wall on the edge of our block. I thought it very odd, so I walked closer to investigate when a viscous pit bull came out of nowhere poised on attacking me. It was apparently protecting the wall from my approach. I moved away and the dog fell silent, so I tried to get close again and the dog launched toward me. I quickly jumped back and it ceased its attack. I took a picture with my cell phone of the colorful anomaly and the pit bull in the same frame. The next day when I was transferring the picture I took to my computer, I noticed the picture only showed the wall. I was confused, but determined to know more.

I never really gave thought to what was on the other side of the wall, but I was beginning to think it was important that I find out. The following morning as I was taking my morning jog, I decided to go by the wall again. There was no colorful anomaly to speak of, yet I knew I was being watched. I came near the wall and even touched it, but to my surprise nothing happened. Just then I heard someone call my name. It was my uncle driving by. He asked me what I was doing and I told him just jogging. He gave me an incredulous look as he told me he would see me later at the factory. For the first time since starting to work at the factory, I decided to take a personal day off. I went in on time just to set some affairs in order and left again.

I was briskly walking to my car when I noticed a business card underneath the windshield wiper. I promptly snatched it and read the note on the reverse side of the print. It said I was to meet with a man named Dee inside the Burger King by my house. I sensed that my life was soon about to change. Minutes later I entered the greasy joint looking for someone I had never seen before. Immediately I was approached by a little girl. She took me by the hand and led me to a door labeled employees only. As I yielded to the leading of this child, I looked into her face. She resembled the nine year old girl I met in the fair when I was a kid. I knew however, that it was impossible that it would be the same girl. Then as if answering my thoughts she said "do you remember what I told you in the fair?" My heart skipped a beat upon hearing her questioned. I remained speechless as we entered thru the door.

All the employees were too busy to take notice of us. We passed the kitchen and entered another door labeled Manager’s office. I said to myself ‘this dude is a manager at BK?’ Again to answer my thoughts a voice said "No, I am just using this office to meet with you." The voice came from the man Dee whom sent for me. He was standing behind a large wooden desk clear of any objects except for a notebook and a pen. He surely did not look like he was from around here. He came around the desk and pulled a chair for me saying "Please, have a seat." Sitting there with the little girl seated next to me and this man from who knows where sitting in front of me was nerve wrecking to say the least. Before I could restrain my lips, I blurted out ‘Why have you called for me?’ He brushed off the question and invited me to play a game of Chinese Checkers. Before I could object, he had the board set up for three to play on the big wooden desk. The little girl made the first move, followed by Dee then me. The game progressed normally until I noticed something very strange. Every time I was advancing my marbles to their side I was blocked somehow. The more I made a move to cross the marbles over, the more I find the marbles are regressing to their original spot. All at once we stopped playing checkers and the little girl began to speak. Remember I told you that you do not belong here. However, there are forces resisting your escape. I hastened to mention the pit bull. Dee broke in and elaborated concerning my predicament. He commenced to tell me how my entire life was all a lie and regardless of what I did I would be prevented from advancing to anything meaningful. He used the game we just played as an example. He not only uncovered this evil plot, but also the plan to escape.

This morning of all mornings I have crossed the point of no return. I was just enlightened to the truth yesterday morning. Now I am set to follow a plan that will alter the course of my life. Is this Dee trust worthy? I guess soon enough I will find out. I was startled by the ringing of the house phone. My instinct told me to ignore it. Meanwhile I heard a car horn right outside my house. This was the time to take action. I called Dee on my cell phone and he answered on the first ring. I said to him ‘it has begun.’ He proceeded to advice me as to what to do next. Just like Dee said, I calmly walked out the front door of my house. I was rudely approached by some angry citizens. Running to the scene was my uncle who was screaming obscenities at me. I followed instructions to ignore them and proceed to the wall. I thought I was going to proceed alone when the little girl magically appeared next to me. She said "Do not worry about the dog. I will take care of it." I was a half of a block away from the wall with this angry mob in slow pursuit. The whole scene seemed surreal. From this distance I could see the colorful fluctuation on the wall. This time it was expanding. At about the same time, the pit bull made his appearance. Just like she promised, the girl took care of the dog. It just happened to be in a manner I was not expecting. She started playing fetch with the dog. The closer I got to the wall, the bigger and brighter the colors were getting. The angry mob turned into a frightened crowd. Their hateful remarks became desperate pleas for me to reconsider as if their survival depended on it. This caused me to take a pause and think why have they grown so fearful. I turned to the crowd and declared to them I was leaving this place and was not to ever return. I also extended an invitation for them to do the same. At this time, some in the crowd including my uncle renewed their anger. While others remained fearful. However, there was one who kept a pensive stare fixed on me as I spoke this. I was squinting my eyes to get a better look at this quite one in the crowd. I did not recognize this woman who stood in contrast to the rest of the crowd. She wore read hair and had pale skin. She must have been in her late forties. She started to walk toward me when I heard the little girl scream above the entire crowd’s noise. I quickly turned to the girl and noticed the pit bull was back in viscous form and the color on the wall was diminishing.

I was very confused by the turn of events. I yelled ‘What is going on.’ My resolve was quickly melting as this red headed woman got closer to me. It was clear that the little girl lost her power over the dog. She quickly joined my side as the dog kept its post near the wall with a mean growl. Then I heard the little girl instruct me to do something I could not believe. I ardently opposed such an action, but she insisted it was necessary. I felt utterly trapped, almost wishing for the safety of my former mundane life. I could not carry out the girl’s instruction. How could she even suggest such a thing. However, I was starting to see her logic. I knew then that I must follow thru with her plan. I took a few steps backward with my back to the dog and the wall. The red head continued her slow march to me. I could see she was something other than human, thus the plan was making more sense. The red head was right in front of me when I made my move. I swiftly grabbed her and threw her to the dog. In one lightning fast moment the red head vanished with the dog and colors on the wall grew to the entire size of the wall itself. The crowd in one accord withdrew in fear from the light as me and the girl ran thru it.

So this is what I have been missing all my life. The voice answered " And there is so much more for you to experience." The voice came from Dee. I guessed right. he was trustworthy. Again in answer to my thoughts the little girl said "Yes he is."

The Beginning

About Dionys

I am perpetually seeking the aesthetics found in the realm of diverse creative arts. I am often dedicated to producing creative projects also. I balance my intellectual pursuits with various action sports. I consider physical fitness important along with adequate nutrition. I am an avid traveler and an explorer of wild places. I am Biblically Literate therefore a Believer in Jesus.
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