The Meeting

The Meeting

The room was small and dimly lit by a candle set atop a coffee table. I sat on a couch facing the man sitting behind a computer desk. I could hear the chatter of those passing by the hall, but paid no mind to it. Our conversation began with superficial content for the first 10 minutes. We spoke about the places of our birth among other things. This helped to ease the tension I had felt on the way to this meeting. However, I still felt nervous. I abruptly stood up off the couch and looked straight to the low ceiling and said ‘I am just not ready for this’. The man calmly responded by saying "well then, call me when you feel ready." I apologized for taking his time and quickly left the room. I stood there in the hall while others passed by me. I thought of returning, but fought the impulse to do so. I left the building and drove home. That night all that I had been running away from finally caught up to me.

I was convinced that I was having a nervous break down. One had been long overdue. Overwhelming sensations of hopelessness started to overtake me. I struggled to get to the kitchen to down a few choice pills. I chased them down with a strong tasting amber liquid. It burned my throat as I drank it. My head felt like it was spinning when I got a knock on the back door of the house. I wondered who could it be in my backyard and why. I went to see who it was, but saw no one when I opened the door. I stepped out to the backyard and still saw no one except for the usual stray cats roaming the backyard. I went back inside under a heavy emotional load. I refilled my glass with the amber liquid. As I lifted it to my lips, I heard more knocking on my back door. This time it was accompanied by an odd guttural voice. The words themselves I could not discern. I set the glass down after taking a much needed sip to open the door.

Again, I saw no one, but the stray cats. I called out into the night, but there was no answer. I returned into the house and promptly locked all the doors.

The effect of the pills started to take effect. I fully welcomed the soothing relief they brought. However, it was short lived. I did not know what to do with myself. I yelled in utter frustration. The overdue nervous breakdown was now upon me. Nothing in sight or in mind could bring any lasting relief. It was now evident that something was about to happen, but there was some unseen hand preventing further action from taking place. I now rose to the occasion by pressing toward the notion that something has got to give. I ran to the back room where I keep all my sports equipment. When I put on the lights, a mirage strangely appeared onto me. I freaked out in a big time fashion beholding this confusing supernatural trace of power. My body felt like I hit a solid brick wall, but felt totally numb to the effect therein. I distinctly heard a familiar sound resonating from this event. I studied the pattern of the sound to identify its source. The special drink I had 15 minutes ago just then griped me out of nowhere. I was shocked at the turn of events since I left the man’s office exactly one hour ago.

The sound from the being was fading fast and so was the image before me. Barely conscience now I turned around to go down the hallway. I went into my room and flopped on my bed to go to sleep. It was about midnight before I sank deep into the 3rd stage of sleep. I was having an intense dream of the condition of my sub conscience. In this dream sequence, I found my self in the middle of a dark lonely street with the sound of southern blues playing in the background. It looked like it just rained on these streets a few minutes ago. It all seemed too groovily abstract. Now I begin to feel and see this mirage appear onto me. I receive afresh the familiar vibe run thru veins. I scream out in a desperate plea for the answer I need. I scream myself awake to discover a black and white snake at the foot of my bed. I vigorously jumped out of bed ready to fight anything in my path. I ran to the back room in five long strides to get a baseball bat for the snake As I ran into the room, I instantly transcended to another dimension beyond any previous experience.

I saw my former self thru someone else’s eyes. I knew I was in for a very turbulent ride. I looked incredulously at an episode when I was 21 years old. I can feel the spiritual forces all around me. I saw my former self battle against two forces. His mind was fully engaged to fend off any unwanted being. I suddenly see the earth start to viscously tear apart. I relived the moment that I clung to a solid foundation for refuge from the enemy’s strong negative pull. Suddenly the vision changed back to the dark, lonely, wet street. This time there was the absence of sound, but my inner cognizance was working in overdrive. Once again the familiar feeling takes me over. I venture deeper into the essence of this entity. Curiosity is swiftly switched with acute emotional pain. The sensation of being breathless came over me. I yelled at this force with all my might. It took everything in me to continue to wildly yell. The vision evolved to reveal to me what I was yelling at. It was a horrifying image. I saw myself beaten and bloody. I noticed I was deeply cut on my arms and legs. My heart sank within me when I saw my former self again. This time he is walking from downtown Miami thru eight street to get home. It is late and he is tired. Home is still another 6 miles away. Everything turns blurry and I realize I am in the closet of the back room. The lights were out and I stood next to an old 60lb. punching bag. I warily walked out of the closet and made my exit from that room.

I noticed sunlight shine thru the windows and quickly realized that I had a vision that lasted all night. I was thankful I survived the night and resolved to give another day a try.

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About Dionys

I am perpetually seeking the aesthetics found in the realm of diverse creative arts. I am often dedicated to producing creative projects also. I balance my intellectual pursuits with various action sports. I consider physical fitness important along with adequate nutrition. I am an avid traveler and an explorer of wild places. I study The Scriptures therefore I trust in YAH.
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  1. Wendy says:

    Crazy, but good… we\’ll takl about it OK?

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