I want to tell you what happened to me the other day. I was driving back home at about 4pm from exercising at a park near by my house. I turned on the car radio, but the sound did not come on. Instead, an unusual pattern of light was streaking across the display. The pattern traced what looked like a boomerang. I pressed the power button to turn off the radio, but nothing changed. As I kept driving, I also noticed the same streak light up on the dash board. The car’s engine began to stall, but I managed to drive it to my driveway. I entered the front door to my house wondering what was wrong with the car, when I saw the microwave display showing the same light pattern. In fact, all the electrical equipment in my house had the strange boomerang symbol on it in one way or another. The devices continued to work, however they were acting strangely to put it mildly. They seemed to be trying to transmit a message in unison from somewhere else.

I looked outside and noticed an older Nissan 300 ZX parked at the edge of my driveway. I was immediately suspicious because no one was exiting the vehicle. After about 3 minutes, I went outside to investigate who it was. The windows of the car were rolled down on both sides. There were 2 white females in the front seat and one leaning forward in the compact back seat. They all seemed to be in their early to mid twenties. I approached the passenger side to inquire as to their reason for being there. The girl seated on the driver’s side began to speak before I could, mixing words and phrases that did not register any meaning with me. The girl seated in the passenger side began to spew manipulative accusations at me, however it was not so much in what she said, but in her tone of voice and body language that I sensed this tension. As this was going on, I noticed a young white male wearing a hockey mask like Jason from "Friday the 13th" laying across the front floor of the car. Then all at once the females began to subtly speak flirtatiously to me. It was clear to me that something insidious was at work here, so I resisted them with a few mild words that I can not remember now and went back in my house.

I picked up the phone to dial 911, but a recording said that this number was disconnected. I tried again, but the same recording came on. The very next moment I saw a big truck pull up right in front of my house revving it’s engine loudly and park on the grass. A big man abruptly came out of the truck with a big brown dog on a leach. I was cautioned not to open the door, but felt that it would be useless if I tried to keep it closed. I opened the door prior to the approaching big man and big dog. They both rushed in barely even noticing me. The dog walked rapidly to the 4 corners of the living room before turning it’s attention to me. As soon as the big dog came my way, the big man pulled out a cam corder to film the interaction between me and the dog. The intention of the film seemed to be to capture evidence against me should I misbehave in any way. Interestingly enough the event was nothing more than some friendly jostling between me and the dog which lasted for only about 2 minutes. The man shortly thereafter ceased filming and made his exit with the dog just as quick as they entered.

I left the front door open instinctively knowing that more activity was soon to come in front of the house. Moments later, a medium sized cargo truck stopped on the street in front of the house. Five men dressed like carpenters of some sort exited the truck one by one. I walked toward them as if it had all been planed. They worked together to pull a side panel from the truck to form a type of platform. Then they pulled out a white coffin from the back sliding door of the truck and set it atop the side panel. Without a word exchanged between any of us, I pulled open the lid to the coffin and helped myself in. One of the men shut the lid the moment after I climbed in. I felt the coffin being carried back inside the truck before I heard the muffled sound of the engine being turned on. I felt a strange serenity surrendering myself to this predicament. The truck drove smoothly for a few minutes before I assessed my situation. I felt a tinge of panic in my mind as I saw nothing but blackness in this more than compact space. I also started to feel a little short of breath as I lay flat on my back. I shoved these anxious thoughts in my mind with the reassurance that there was a purpose to all this madness and the best I could do presently is calmly accept my ordeal.

I decided to let my muscles relax, ease my mind from any tension and drift to sleep. While I napped, I semi-dreamed of fragmented events in unfamiliar places. The so called dream started to fade and I started to wake up. I noticed a dim light hit my eye lids causing me to wonder where I was. I was facing the window of my bedroom as the sun was beginning it’s rise. I had dreamt the entire sequence of events. Sorry that I did not initially tell you that all this was a dream, however there is a very real lesson to obtain in this. There are times in life when resisting opposition is actually counterproductive. Adverse happenings can lose their sting when they are accepted. Random circumstances may seem bothersome to say the least, but they usually link to a greater meaning that may be beneficial if responded to well. In my dream it all started by seeing the boomerang imagery. I am not completely sure as to the meaning, however I see it as what starts with me will eventually come back to me. My initial reaction to a situation may bring similar results back to me. Therefore it would behoove me to consider my steps in light of the ways of God. As in the examples in my dream, it is sometimes a good thing to approach the matter rather than to shy away from it. The girls in the 300 ZX are an illustration of uncovering malicious intentions behind pleasant appearances by simply standing one’s ground. Like in the case wit h the big brown dog, an event may seem threatening, but it may just turn out as a time to play. In the final and ultimate scene I volunteered to enter the coffin indicating a symbolic death to my lower nature. By this I mean base carnal desires that attempt to dilute my true character and purpose in The Great Creator. This dream ended without a true conclusion. However, the instruction and inspiration is clear that I am to accept adversity wisely unto this symbolic death, because death is the passage way unto reward.

The Acceptance of the Rewards has Begun… 12/19/2006 7:29pm

About Dionys

I am perpetually seeking the aesthetics found in the realm of diverse creative arts. I am often dedicated to producing creative projects also. I balance my intellectual pursuits with various action sports. I consider physical fitness important along with adequate nutrition. I am an avid traveler and an explorer of wild places. I am Biblically Literate therefore a Believer in Jesus.
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One Response to Sabotage?

  1. Wendy says:

    This piece is very symbolic, is what have happended to you thru your life with but looked from a different angle, A BETTER ANGLE. like when you take a picture of an object if you move and take pics from different angels one will be more beatuful than all others.
    You don\’t know how i feel that finally you are looking forward not with your eyes but the eyes of the hope the eyes of GOD. Give ear and come to me; hear me that your soul may live… 
    You know what??? God didn\’t forget the EVERLASTING COVENANT you made with HIM some time ago, and His is fighting for you, for your soul.  Chocolate,  God bless youuuuu

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