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Supplication Psalm

Supplication Psalm Lord my gracious God, may the cry of my heart come before you now. I am in desperate need of Your manifest Presence. I am left desolate in a lonely and dry place. I have been deprived of … Continue reading

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You See

You See… Lord, you search me and know me intimately. You see the isolation and the resulting frustration. The lack of any true relation, thus the deflation of my motivation. The absence of opportunity to dwell with significant others in … Continue reading

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The Cory Story

The Cory Story I witnessed an unusual event in the street the other day. This black kid named Cory was being chased by a cop car through some alleys. The police were after him because he supposedly stole a couple … Continue reading

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Blood Sweat and Tears

Blood-Sweat-Tears   Thru the years, I have experienced much blood, sweat and tears. I have fallen to many a snare, and have been close to utter despair. The wounds I have inside have grown more deep and wide. I have … Continue reading

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The Store

THE STORE   The other day I found myself in a big department store. I was walking in the midst of the bottom floor. The store was multilevel and displayed various products both big and small. The entire store was … Continue reading

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