Building Project

Building Project*

The foundation to a particular building was laid in a faster than usual pace. All that preceded the laying of the foundation went according to or ahead of schedule. The land that was set aside was surveyed and found to be a good choice to build upon. The digging into the earth was predictable for the most part. The supply and manpower were sufficient to build upon the earth’s bedrock the platform / foundation to the much anticipated building. The blueprint for the building was impressive in and of itself. This building would serve many people and purposes once it was finished and up to code. However, complications started to arise nearing the completion of the foundation causing the building progress to be hindered. Parts of that which was built on the foundation had to be undone by the workers. There were other parts that came apart on their own due to faulty assembly. 1

This dilemma continued for a few years causing the project to run way behind schedule. Some of the workers were fired and other quit without notice. The project’s funds began to be strained due to mismanagement causing either a lack of building supply or poor quality material to be used. Then due to a building inspectors analysis, certain vital flaws were discovered in the foundation itself. Now running on a skeleton crew, the project seemed to go in reverse. The task to correct the problems in the foundation was most difficult. The objective was to remove the inconsistencies while leaving the parts of the foundation that were sound in place. There were cases that rightly fitted stones in the foundation were damaged in the process making maters worse. After many reoccurring dilemmas, the whole building idea was almost utterly abandoned. There were times that the work site would not see any activity for months in a row. During these times of inactivity, heavy and strong storms would pile up trash and debris all over the site.

Passer Byers would look upon the mess with various responses. Some would mock saying "it began so well and now look at it". Others gave their critical opinions as if they were factual as to the why this all had happened. Yet others would express pity for the situation. There occurred a small re- emergence of workers to continue the work. The first thing to do was to remove the trash. This was messy and heavy manual labor, but it was not a complex task. The repair of the foundation proved to be a more burdensome undertaking. This took a couple of months to finish. The transition to build on the recently revisited and repaired foundation was to commence shortly. Some of the original workers showed up along with some new ones as well. There was a definite optimism concerning the project once again. However, just as quick as the workers showed up they disappeared.

The foundation is laid, and the buildings’ blueprint is good, but the project is currently halted. Behind the scenes strategic planning is ongoing, yet there is no update as to the status of the project. A third party has made use of the site to place a make shift playground of sorts. On occasion I have also seen business men conduct impromptu meetings on the site. The actual building was to have an entire state of the arts department devoted to recreation along with various functions of business and other services through out the facility. The mystery remains to this day as to the real reason to the ceasing of the project. Is the project investor the one who has caused the delay? Was it one or more of the workers involved in blocking the effort? Could it be an opposing outside force insidiously sabotaging the work? Or is it a combination of all the above or none of the above. It is now a cold case, yet I have a feeling it will reheat soon. There is more to this than what lies on the surface that is for certain.

Stay Tuned for more Developments *Allegory 

About Dionys

I am perpetually seeking the aesthetics found in the realm of diverse creative arts. I am often dedicated to producing creative projects also. I balance my intellectual pursuits with various action sports. I consider physical fitness important along with adequate nutrition. I am an avid traveler and an explorer of wild places. I am Biblically Literate therefore a Believer in Jesus.
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