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This is an elaborate vacuum. Yea that is what it must be, a big empty void isolated from any interaction within or intervention from without. Any act I commit seems utterly independent and unrelated to anything else. Just like a … Continue reading

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Seperate Ways

It started innocently enough. As time lapsed, our feelings for each other grew. They did not necessarily grow at the same rate or in the same direction. The feelings were never mutual inside the same time frame, and they were … Continue reading

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            It is here somewhere, I just saw it a decade ago. The only one I found looks like the original, but it sure does not act like it.  I have had to settle on using the imitation I have. … Continue reading

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Off The Main Trail

There is a main linear path that one must ultimately keep. However it is equally vital to veer of the major trail to venture on side tracks. These are not distractions at all. They are indeed essential to enhance the … Continue reading

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Zombie Nation

My friends have become zombies. There is a small possibility that they may read this, but remain unaware that this is written of them. I was susceptible to the same predicament as theirs many years ago. The recruiting efforts of … Continue reading

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