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Inside my Room

I came inside the room from the outside. Inside my mind I decide to let it ride. Welcome back to the future locked in full aperture for sure. Intimately involved in the creative process was a recess from the stress. … Continue reading

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            If your enemy were made of solid substance you would have a defined target. However, if your antagonist were of more insidious characteristics how may one uphold a shield of defense? What if the culprit were in a barely … Continue reading

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Evening Mix With DJ Amalgamation

The anesthesia began to wear off as I tried to focus where I was. The last thing I clearly remember is receiving an invitation to perform in a roll of a lifetime. I recall that my friends who were also … Continue reading

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The Zoo

Do you ever feel like you live in a zoo? You are not caged up, but not free either. You are by nature a wild animal, but were born in this system. Your God-Given potential and ability are stifled in … Continue reading

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