Today I will be speaking on the subject of “Daring to be Different”. This may be harder for some more than others. I realize that not all of us can or will accept this dare in its entirety. What I do ask of each one of us is that according to the measure of grace afforded us individually we respond to the challenge. The ones who dare to be different have a unique freedom. It is the freedom from normality and mundane uniformity. It is the freedom to find the essence of one’s identity. This dare may be taken with certain apprehension and trepidation, yet the rewards out weigh the repercussions.

          What may move a person to take such a disposition? I say it can be the dislike of the status quo that the masses march in cadence to. It may be that a person is weary of blending in the crowd while sacrificing reality and truth. The chickens wallowing in the pen have no distinct appearance or ability therefore are a dime a dozen. The eagle that glides and sores high in the sky may be one of few, but are superior in visage and valor. We can continue our clucking, chucking and flapping (barely getting off the ground) in the midst of chickens or we can accept the mandate that calls us to be special and set apart.

          This disposition is based on the decision of living out what is contained inside. Being different for the sake of being different is acting amiss. This is about becoming a person of integrity and walking it out with creativity. This in many cases can be a painful process. The means that brings about such a transformation of character can be harsh, but endurance is the key.

           When you are alone what do you do? When this question is made to the person enduring the process of change from the inside out, the answer will be very different than the person whose heart and brain are figuratively mush. The stance I propose is to behave as if you are always alone. When the misinformed approach, seek to get even more alone. Know yourself and the purpose of your skill. Sharpen it with practice and care. This will make you a person that is more true to your real heart and mind.

              You are not succumbing to the pressure of peers that do not have your best interest in mind. Another thing to assist you in adopting this stance is to consider that you are always alone whether you are in the midst of a crowd or asleep in a remote wilderness. The perspective and judgment of others is usually distorted and skewed regardless of what you do or do not do. We are subject to preconceived notions of certain people based on the layered filters that cover our perceptions. One of the most valuable yet discarded gifts we may all posses is discernment. Nourish it and utilize it. It will be life to your soul. Guard your heart with all diligence for it is the well-spring of life. Grow in grace and the knowledge of the Lord. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. Let your light shine in the midst of a wicked and perverse generation. Be separate from foolish ways and join yourself to eternal truth.

             There will be times due to the powers that be you are restricted from shining as an individual. You may need to adjust, but not conform to these mislead authoritative leaders. Remain firm in your belief of who you are and what you are about without disrespecting others. Remember that when you get free it is not just for your sake, but for those who need an example to follow.

             I use to be more susceptible to the likes and dislikes of others to the point of altering my behavior beyond the recognition of my real identity. This has caused me to be confounded in regards to the essence of my core being. I would go on the extreme to compensate and thus separating myself from truth all the more. These counter productive and compulsive reactions that are seemingly instigated by a blind, def and dumb audience was making me a person I did recognize or like. I must be true to me even if no one else is. I may be a man of the fallen race of Adam that has marred the image of God even more thru my foolishness, but there is yet hope to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix. May God Almighty help us to dare to be different even for the sake of His glorious Kingdom. There is more to this life that what we can pick up from our physical senses. There are kingdoms and dominions in invisible realms that govern what we see and hear on a daily. In the war being waged in the heavens between angels and demons, which side of the combat do we support with our disposition? The world lies under the sway of the Evil One. Will you be bewitched by the lies and deceptions plaguing humanity, or will you heed God’s voice of reason and dare to be different? Are you a slave to the wishes and wants of flawed people or will you be true to the truth that will set you free? We are the sum product of our decisions done on a daily. Are these decision driven by the need to be accepted? The need to be accepted is indeed innate and this is why the challenge to be unique does not come easy. However, I just got sick and tired of being sick and tired of falling to the pressure to perform. If I change who I am to be accepted by you then I am being accepted pretentiously. I am trying to care less of the flawed opinions of others so I can flourish in my God-Given identity. If you do not find out who you are, someone will eventually try to define you. Know who you are and what you are not. Know your capabilities and your limitations. Seek the rest and assurance that comes from self-cognizance.  This may sound like I am propagating arrogance and aloofness. I am sorry if it comes across this way, but there are certain things I am not willing to put up with any longer. I may be warped in my view, but consider the full frontal assault I have had to withstand at the hands of undiscerning people. I am compelled to adapt and survive by any means necessary. I will not go on fruitless journeys for the sake of fruity people.

               You may be comfortable in conforming to popular opinion. I can not tolerate such falsehood. I have not found a remnant that dares to be different. I would to find such that are like minded so we may join in an alliance to stand for what is right. I am sorry to have been convoluted in my sermonete. I pray that you would at least come away with a nugget of truth from my message. May the God of peace shortly crush Satan under your feet in Jesus Holy name. Amen!         

About Dionys

I am perpetually seeking the aesthetics found in the realm of diverse creative arts. I am often dedicated to producing creative projects also. I balance my intellectual pursuits with various action sports. I consider physical fitness important along with adequate nutrition. I am an avid traveler and an explorer of wild places. I am Biblically Literate therefore a Believer in Jesus.
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