Blatant Inactivity Part 1 & 2

A sustained whirlwind of blatant inactivity / has held my disposition in captivity.
The nature of ambition absorbs another strike / as does hope, confidence and the like.
A logical reaction begins to formulate / as the void tempest abates.
I release my expectations of essential relations in an attempt to retire desire.
I prepare for nothing in particular / save my own thoughts naturally peculiar.
I wish to externalize my inner isolation / accepting my lack of a lot as present destination.
I have read my own relics which depicts emphatic personal failure beyond cure.
As one with limited time and innumerable loss, I resign from glamour or gloss.
I am weary of the jerks and spurts.

I am jaded beyond repair under what is akin to despair.
The rigid routine has washed me unclean. My coping mechanisms suffer schisms.
I must find my own secluded place / to minimize the hurt of my disgrace.
The dreams are long dashed / and my energy to fight for meaning has crashed.
My in-betweens and downs have been documented down

from fleeting delights to the tormented.
In lonesome fatigue I finish another dreary day diminished of virtue.
I lay in fear and dismay trying to dream the spiritual pain away.
Who is to blame for this life of endless shame? It looks like an accident without incident.
All aesthetic is now kept solely for me to inspect as is this entries’ dialect.


All inclusive clues may have been elusive and non-conclusive in the previous grievous note.I quote my previous grievous note to expand my own demand for a clue as for what to do.The time is over due to catch a clue or two into what lingo leads me from this sustained limbo.The answer I do not know, but enigmas readily flow and show that such ought not to be so.It ought not to be this way that I find myself lost and astray from the Creator’s divine design.I see no sign of the divine design in the sustained whirlwind of blatant inactivity holding me in captivity.Blatant inactivity imposes its impure coincidence riddling confidence in profitable penitence.Yes the script is encrypted in this entries dialect as to reserve the aesthetic solely for me to re-inspect.I dig deeper to elude any casual peeper not that there are any anyways that may raise a query of my quarry.I am soiled from the undiluted soil I am constituted though I am uprooted remain true to the main frame.The main frame is my main aim though the enemy named lethargy creeps inside me disguised cleverly.The clever endeavor of lassitude intrudes into my attitudes and latches to breaches and leeches without ceasing.I am disgusted at despicable base humanness from the masses unleashed without restraint or harness.I wish to refrain from the inane inhumane humanness yet the vague plague does rage unchecked and un-caged.I feel like a mere consumer consumed by the commonplace racing to and from at a frantic pace in a vain chase.The vain chase ran at a frenetic pace consumes the consumer in vacuums inhaling the city’s toxic fumes.I lost myself three turns ago along with ego building blocks of Lego now long gone in a childish song.I tried but was utterly denied entry to significance so I settle for any resemblance to aesthetic and intellectual balance.

About Dionys

I am perpetually seeking the aesthetics found in the realm of diverse creative arts. I am often dedicated to producing creative projects also. I balance my intellectual pursuits with various action sports. I consider physical fitness important along with adequate nutrition. I am an avid traveler and an explorer of wild places. I study The Scriptures therefore I trust in YAH.
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1 Response to Blatant Inactivity Part 1 & 2

  1. Reese Smith says:

    i love, love, love this. i can easily relate, unfortunately, but hey, if out of it came this amazing work… then remain blatantly inactive 😉

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