About Author

I am passionate about exploring natural and wild places of God’s awesome creation. I love to capture a portion of these beautiful locations with photography and video to make presentations of them. I love action sports like surfing and skateboarding. I am also into health and fitness. I am always reading books. Furthermore, I love to write in various styles and for different purposes. Any inquiries may be made to deekam@live.com

2 Responses to About Author

  1. Bill says:

    Hola Eunicio (If I got that right),
    Just met you as we were taking pictures of an elk in Jasper Park on Hwy 16 Yellowhead today Aug. 23,’12. It was good talking to you. Enjoyed skimming over your web and seeing the pictures. May He bless you and watch over you, Bill

    • Dionys says:

      Hello Bill (Guillermo),
      It was nice meeting you too. I arrived in Miami Sunday just ahead of some rough weather caused by a tropical storm. I had an excellent journey in the Canadian Rockies. I am glad you enjoyed seeing some of my online pictures. Thank you for the kind wishes.

      God Speed,

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